My IDC experience … Part 1

So, our first five days of IDC (Instructor Development Course) we just did classroom stuff. The IDC teaches you a lot about making presentations and how to explain the things you know to your students in the best way possible. There is also information regarding the business of diving, marketing, managing and administration. It is…

Quintay, Chile

About five years ago I did my Open Water Course. It all started in Quintay, Chile. This coast town in Chile was know for its Whaler. The whaler work till 1967, where it was finally closed. So know it works as a museum  and where people can see how whales are important for us know,…

Alghero, Sardegna – Italy

  This was our second dive day in Sardegna. We decided to go to Alghero because we read that you could go cave diving. We had never go for a cave dive, so we were really excited. After checking a few places were we could go, we decided to go for Capo Galera Diving Center….

Isola Rossa, Sardegna – Italy

  This holidays, I went to Sardegna. The first idea of going to Italy, was to meet my family.My grandfather was from Uras, Sardegna. He left Uras to go to Argentina, and my father from Argentina move to Chile. So that is my family tree small resume. And of course we had to dive and…


I am so excited to start this Diving Blog! My name is Carolina and I am from Chile. The first time I tried Scuba Diving was in 2012 and never stop from there! I fall in love with the underwater world little by little. And just recent I decided to turn my life around it….