Where to go in Costa Rica

So here is the list of places I visit in Costa Rica! Sorry to upload this so late! I am the worst!

I have to specified that this are the places that I loved and visit during my stay in Cost Rica. There are probably a million more places to see, but I didn’t had enough budget to see them all.

So here is my list:

Parque Cabo Blanco

I really enjoy this park. To get there is not easy (we had a rental car) but it is worth it.

Where the park starts is about 1.30 – 2 hrs walking to the beach.  It is a beach just for you so it is amazing. And around 2 pm you need to go back because they close the park at 4 pm. So it is good to go early so you can stay for a while.

They have showers and water when you get to the beach that is really nice.

We could see monkeys, coatis, squirrels and different kinds of birds.

This park was founded in 1963 with 1250 hectares of land, located at the very tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a special place. Specially for surfers!

I don´t really surf (have try, and I suck!) but I enjoy a lot watching surfers going in the waves.

It is a town only with one road but a lot of things to do around. You can choose from different restaurants, cafes, and places to drink at night.

The really cool thing that happened here is that turtles where hatching off eggs!!!

I actually didn`t see it, only Jp because I was taking a shower after the beach…but I hope I will see this one day.


This place is awesome! It is like 30 minutes from Santa Teresa.

You have a waterfall  «Cascada» that is like a 20 minutes walk to get there, with really nice water.

Then we went to «Playa grande» that you get throw the small beach and you walk around 30 minutes to get there. It is really nice because is a huge beach with like 2 people around (it sounds like I don´t like people, but I enjoy a beach for myself!). We took the best nap over here =).


Parque Manuel Antonio

After being in the Nicoya Peninsula, we move souther to Parque Manuel Antonio. You can realize that the north of Costa Rica is way drier because when we where going south it didn´t stop raining! So you can start seeing different vegetation and animals.

This park was different from Cabo Blanco, because Cabo Blanco is a smaller park more rustic. Manuel Antonia has more of a path where you now where to go and what you are going to see, and there is way more people around.

We could see tons of Monkeys, sloths (I love them!!!), also raccoons trying to stole our snacks! So you have to be careful because monkeys and raccoons always want to eat!

This is a must go in Costa rica.


We had one more extra day to spend over Quepos, where we where staying, so we look around and decided to go to the «Rainmaker». This is a private park that the cool stuff is that they have hanging bridges where you walk. It was really rainy that the so the name was perfect for that day!

It was fun, but it only takes around half day for you to know.




Puente de los Cocodrilos

«Puente de los Cocodrilos» or «cCrocodile bridge» in English.

This is a cool place. It was in our road so we didn’t really plan on going there. But if you go from Nicoya to Puntarenas you can´t miss it so try to go during daylight.

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