Blue Room, Curaçao

This is a very special place to go if you are in the beautiful island of Curaçao.

You can go snorkeling or diving, both are simply great. This time I went snorkeling with my family and we had a great time!

You can go by boat or walking, but be aware because the walking path is not for everyone! This time we went by boat with Go West Diving at Playa Kalki. it takes about 30 minutes by boat from Kalki to the Blue Room, so just sit down and enjoy the view at the boat ride.

The cool part about the Blue Room, is that is a little cave that you can go in and snorkel, just be careful in your way in not to hot your head on the rocks! Also inside you have an amazing visibility and can find cool things underwater.

You can see by yourself in my pictures!

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