Isola Rossa, Sardegna – Italy


This holidays, I went to Sardegna.

The first idea of going to Italy, was to meet my family.My grandfather was from Uras, Sardegna. He left Uras to go to Argentina, and my father from Argentina move to Chile. So that is my family tree small resume.

And of course we had to dive and try the see of Sardegna!

We study a lot of places were we could go, so much too see in this beautiful island!

We decided to go 2 of the 10 days over there diving. So we had to decide two places, so we could make a double dive in each.

The first day diving in Sardegna we decide to go with Costa Paradiso Diving Center , because of what we read about them and the diving spots they have. It was in the Esmerald coast so we want it to try it, and it was great!

I talk to Betta all the tome to make sure everything was ok for our diving trip.

We did two dives in one morning. The visibility was really nice, althow there was not much life at first sight, we where able to see a Horned Octopus camouflaging in the rocks, really big dude!

Also some Moray Eels and what it was very different for us to check was a Slipper lobster. I had never seen one of this before, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it. That is why I don’t show you any.

You can see more pics at my  Instagram


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