Alghero, Sardegna – Italy


This was our second dive day in Sardegna.

We decided to go to Alghero because we read that you could go cave diving. We had never go for a cave dive, so we were really excited.

After checking a few places were we could go, we decided to go for Capo Galera Diving Center. It was the best choice we could have made!

I had never been in a place so great. This diving center also works as a hotel, it really nice and you can go from their own dock.

We did not only go diving with them , but we stay to have lunch over there and then chill out with the staff drinking coffe and practicing our italian.

We did two cave diving here. We started in the boat to go to the site, around 40 minutes. The boat is awsome! Is lik an old school pirate boat, really great. Between dives we came back to the boat to change tanks.

The first inmersion we did three spots, the instructio told us that it would depend on our breathing, so we had no problem doing three of them. The water was nice for us, around 18° (you have to remember that I am from Chile, use to 12° C) and also this because it was begining of July, so the water was a littl bit colder than it is supposed for summer.


You can see more pics at my  Instagram

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