About five years ago I did my Open Water Course.

It all started in Quintay, Chile.

This coast town in Chile was know for its Whaler.

The whaler work till 1967, where it was finally closed. So know it works as a museum  and where people can see how whales are important for us know, and how we can take care of them.

So if you go diving here, you are going to be able to see some sunken ships from those days.

Old Japanese boats, and pieces from the whaler from those days.

Also you can see a lot of different marine species. like for example, a Sole Fish.

There are many different species that you can see in the Pacific sea. Some of them unique here because of our cold sea. This is because there is a current call «Humboldt current» that makes it unique.

You can also go for a dive with sea lions (I will tell you more about them in a different post).

Here are some pictures form Quintay, so maybe you want to come here and dive!


You can see more pics at my  Instagram


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