So finally it was the day of the Exam…

As I told you before IE stands for “Instructor Examination”.  For the Exam, we met our examiner the day before, in this case it was Friday night. So he explained everything and gave us our skills and topics of our presentations, no Friday night party =(

The exam consists of different stages:

  1. Written exams, this one is divided into two groups:
    1. Dive theory Classroom Exams  (Physics, General Skills & Environment, RDP – Recreational Dive Planner, Physiology and Equipment)
    2. PADI Standards & Procedures
  2. Classroom Presentations, where you have to do a Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation.
  3. Pool / Confined Water Teaching Presentations
    1. Confined Water Presentations (1 random skill)
    2.  Confined Water Skills (5 random skills)
  4. Open Water Presentations
    1. Open Water Teaching Presentation (2 random skills)
    2. Rescue Exercise 7 Demonstration

This was all divided into two days for us.

Walking Saturday morning to take our exams was the first part; it was a really eternal walk! My husband and I couldn’t even talk to each other we were so concentrated thinking about all the stuff over and over. Getting out of the exam room knowing that we had both passed (yes! you get to know your results right away) and also that all our classmates had passed was great!

After that, it actually all got better and better. We started feeling like we really knew what we were doing! I was so nervous about the exam that when I realized that we knew all what they were asking us to do, I started to feel really ok.

So on Sunday morning walking to take the final part of the exam, the Open Water presentations, we already felt really confident, but of course you still have to do it well! So we took the boat to get in the water, did really good on our presentations and on the rescue exercise. And when we were heading back to shore our examiner told us that we had all passed! The feeling was great.

We got to shore and Rich Coast was waiting for us with some champagne to celebrate!!!

The party was just getting started…




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