Diving in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

So I have been here at Playa del Coco almost 3 months, diving a lot and doing some freelance jobs also.

All the marine life that you can see over here is really great! I thought it was going to be good, but it was better than I expected. Although the visibility is not the best thing over here, it is a great place to dive. I have been here from November till January and the temperature has been fluctuating from 22 to 26 Celsius. I use a 3mm wetsuit, but I know many people would prefer a 5mm.

As it is the Pacific, you can find really big things over here like Manta rays for example. It was my first time seeing them ever and it was an awesome experience. I truly loved it. The way they move so calmly is really relaxing; a really great thing to watch.

Other than that, I could name a long list of other things that you can see over here, but I prefer to show you in pictures!

Zebra Moray



Southern Sting Ray


Baby White Tip

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