What to do in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

Everything over here hasn’t been just diving. We have also been having lots of fun around Playa del Coco.

That is why I wanted to write this list of what to do in Playa del Coco and around.

I think the first thing before coming over here is that you have to know that playa del Coco is a mix between Tico culture and American food and bars. So don’t be surprised if most of the people around speak English over here.


Playa del Coco, of course this is the main beach over here; really big one and with amazing sunsets. You can find some shady spots and also some picnic areas around it.

Playa Ocotal, this one is 3 km to the South of el Coco. You can walk or take a taxi from the main road. It is a really nice smaller beach with a lot of shade and quieter than el Coco.

Playa Hermosa, I loved this one! it is really big and there are a lot of people with body boards. From el Coco you could take a taxi for around $5.000 colones.

Playa Calzón de Pobre,this one is a small beach that is not so easy to find. It is not on the main road so you will have to walk to get there. It is around 6 km from el Coco, or you could take a taxi that drops you off at the entrance where you would still have to walk around 15 min approx. It is a small beach full of hermit crabs and with no one around! (funny fact is that the name is because people use to have sex in the beach «calzón de pobre=poor guys underpants»

What to eat

Le Coq, you can find good burritos here, very good falafel and the french fries are awesome!

Brunch, I love this place! has the best food ever! my favorites are the french toast and the eggs Benedict, but they also have some very good veggie noodles and great coffee drinks!

Nonna Rina, I love this place! It is a family Italian restaurant so it is really friendly. You can get the best pizzas here and also calzones. My favorite place in Coco.

Where to drink

El Ancla,nice spot next to the beach to drink beer. You can ask for the buckets here; 6 beers in an ice bucket (it’s cheaper that way)

CocoNutz, the cool thing about this place is that they have games that you can play, like this awesome super jenga. Also, they have their own craft beer (never tried it though)


Latin Beach, the best Chileguaros ever! You have to try them here. Also, they have good latin music to dance to and if not you can always go and play pool.

Zi Lounge, I would say this is the biggest place in Coco, they have really good parties over here, although I am not the biggest fan of their DJ. I went every Thursday for ladies night and free drinks (good tip there for you, ladies)

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